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Grant Application Submission Deadline Dates

April 15th & November 15th

of each calendar year

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What We Fund

The Coaldale Community Wellness Association advocates, acts as a catalyst and raises funds to provide funding in the areas of:

  • building community capacity
  • health and wellness
  • leadership and innovation
  • children, youth, families and seniors
  • all with a view to improving the quality of life of residents in the community.

Grants are provided to not-for-profit organizations who have demonstrated fiscal responsibility and the capacity to manage initiatives effectively.

Grants are provided for specific projects and for a specific period of time. Multi-year grants are subject to an annual performance review which will determine future funding.

All grant applications must contain indicators of success and outcome measures.

Grant range: Generally up to $5,000.

What We Do Not Fund

Funding is generally not available for:

  • core, administrative operating costs
  • facility repairs
  • activities of religious organizations that serve primarily their membership and/or their direct religious purposes
  • endowment funds
  • retroactive funding for any expenses incurred prior to approval of Association funding
  • annual fundraising drives
  • political activities
  • initiatives outside of Coaldale and the immediate area
  • pure academic research
  • economic development initiatives
  • duplicate services
  • debt retirement
  • activities considered politically or ethically controversial to the Association

Individuals are generally not eligible for funding.

Priority will be given to initiatives that:

  • respond to community issues and emerging priorities
  • demonstrate innovation
  • address issues from a systemic approach (complementary and supportive to other initiatives) rather than in isolation
  • are built upon relevant prior demonstrated research
  • build the capacity of the community to care for itself
  • provide evidence of support from a cross section of the community
  • are collaborative among various service sectors
  • affect the largest number of people
  • have a prevention orientation in response to demonstrated needs
  • promote community involvement and mobilization
  • demonstrate sound governance and/or management committed to the success of the initiative and have the capacity to carry it out
  • demonstrate future sustainability

Normally, projects are funded for one year only.

Organizations whose administrative offices are not in Coaldale may apply for funding. However, all funding must be used to provide services in Coaldale and area.